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Union says construction work threatens water quality

Photo: RYAN MURPHY/THE NEWS JOURNAL Image 9 of 22 Image 10 of 22 Image 11 of 22 The Water Utilities Commission of Kansas is investigating the issue, saying there could be water contamination in two neighborhoods bordering the area at 16th and 19th streets.

They also plan to meet with residents and try to figure out what caused the contamination.

«I do not know if any of them have been interviewed yet about this issue yet,» said Jay Dauch with the Water Utility Commission of Kansas. «We have gotten a lot of questions about it from people. We are looking into the report and will get their names, addresses and if we are going to continue to investigate,» he said.

Water Department says project will meet residents’ health

It said they will give residents about a month notice before the construction starts on the new site, and the affected people are required to do everything from wash their car at their homes to showering in areas not directly connected to the project.

The Water Utilities Commission of Kansas says the water quality for the project is good, but there are some concerns about the water quality in the neighborhoods directly affected. Residents are expected to shower and shower for two days while supplies are restored and water levels are normal, the statement says.

The water department said that because of the elevated water levels at 16th and 19th streets and also because of the possibility of contaminants like lead being leached from the ground, the water utility plans to have the project monitored for four weeks.

That means water quality testing will have to be done to make sure the problem doesn’t continue, according to the statement.

The Water Utility Commission of Kansas also offered to pay for residents who have been affected to go to a site on East Lake Road for their daily shower and wash their cars, or to clean out storm drains at the affected areas at the University Hospital in Waco.

It also says families can call the water department to request samples of their water at any time.

«Any person, woman, or child who does not have their water tested prior to the commencement of a new project will not be subject to any adverse effect from that new project,» the statement says.

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Landline excerpt top dog to be delivered next week to Washington DC – according to a source familiar with the situation. The carrier will be the first of a dozen to be delivered by a United Parcel Service (UPS) company to the area on September 18th, the source said, noting that the carrier’s contract with the UPS office was on hold while it awaited the delivery.

The delivery of United Parcel Service’s aircraft to Washington DC will be the seventh planned deliverable of the $200M contract, according to a source familiar with the development and logistics. This is believed to be a continuation of the company’s prior «categorical commitment,» also referenced above. The first carrier in this development (a Boeing 737) was delivered in 2011. The delivery of a fourth and subsequent Boeing 737s was delayed until April, 2014, when a Boeing deal was reached with Bombardier in hopes of avoiding the next round of delays.

United’s initial plan was to deliver up to eight planes to each of three customer bases: Washington, Los Angeles, and New York. With the delivery of the fourth aircraft, all the orders for that batch had been filled by January 31st 2014.

The United Parcel Service is one of the U.S.’ largest non-bank commercial airlines and operates out of about a dozen major commercial airports around the world. It currently services the major hubs of Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, and Tampa Bay as well as several smaller airports throughout the US. (United Airlines operates out of 11 additional international hubs, most of which do not have any domestic connections.) The airline has its headquarters in Louisville, KY, with flights to Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles. (See United Airlines Worldwide for full flight schedule, chart, and fares.)

In June 2010, United filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of a series of moves to reduce its liabilities. The carrier filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2011, while the remaining aircraft were being assembled from the existing aircraft (in preparation for an all-new fleet of new aircraft to replace the old fleet). The carrier has been trying to return to profitability through reduced expenses and decreased profits in recent years.

The airline’s current contract with United is valued at $90.2 Million, or an average of about $18 million per quarter. That estimate includes $25M in operating costs, so the actual cash flow on the contract is likely lower than $20 million per quarter, but the company appears to have made the investment and is operating above projections, according to a source who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

United Parcel Service has long been focused on the expansion of its international footprint. The company announced on July 16th that it ha